This statement holds truth in the complex real estate market that we are currently in…

What does it take to sell a home? Well more than ever REALTORS need to show their creativity to get the job done. It only makes sense that each and every listing should present beautiful photos online, since this is how buyer’s search for their next dream home. With the exciting marketing that is available, gone are the days when cell phone pics of the house online are acceptable. The funny thing is we still see this happening. Seriously? Technology is our best friend in this business. So let’s embrace it while we can 🙂

We really feel that home sellers should be demanding more. As top agents, we are willing to go that extra mile and here is something that we have recently used, it is simply super cool. 3D Tours of your home!

What a great new way to virtually walk thru a property to get a “feel” of the home. It not only allows the buyer to check out the true value of the home before hand, but also gets far more exposure for the seller which will mean greater potential for a successful sale.
Time to step it up! Here is a link with our latest tool for getting your home sold! Please. Let us know your thoughts.