We hope everyone had a good kick start to 2019 and are reaching their goals and aspirations. This year we are focusing our messages to change and how we can help you in a positive way. This is very fitting on how our current real estate market is also changing. We are sure you have seen in your neighbourhood more real estate signs that pop up, then linger. Here is the thing. We must understand that we are in a buyers market. You more than likely have heard this term, but what exactly does this mean? It simply means, more choice for buyer’s. It also means a competitive market. Even though we see this consistently throughout each and every neighbourhood in Edmonton, we can reassure you it isn’t a bad thing! Yes buyer’s do have a lot of choice and if you are thinking of selling, we need to be more creative on how your home is showcased. No it doesn’t mean that we have the dancing clown on your lawn, but what we are talking about is more avenues where and how we can get buyer’s interested in your home. We recently started with a company that does amazing 3D tours. What a game changer! The statistics show that most buyer’s initial search begins with the internet. Really that’s no surprise. It’s just the world we live in, a digital age. Professional photos (NO! Cell phone photos are NOT PROFESSIONAL ☹) plus quality video 3D tours is what will be the very first impression to all perspective buyers. Social media has become just a normal factor in day to day life and this is how we also focus on gaining attention to your listing. Some may still believe print media in newspapers is how it will get noticed. Unfortunately these days are gone. We have seen it time and time again, more inquires and successful sales happen from our efforts on the internet.

Now here is the part where we need your help! Online reviews are essential for any business, including ours. We are sure you are like us and feel a need to read reviews on companies before you decide to use their services. Before you buy a car, restaurant reviews, travel reviews, school reviews, just to name a few. These are all important factors and opinions matter. Well we are no different. Especially for Real Estate agents! If you are receiving this newsletter then you have used our services and have dealt with us in the past. In order for more people to understand who we are, we need your voice! We have created two links, the first is our google business page and the second is our facebook business page. Please if you can write a review on your experience and let others know your feedback, this will help our business grow. Now for taking the time out of your busy lives and doing this for us, we will send you a gift card from Tim Hortons and you can have some treats on us!

Here are the links:
https://rem.ax/2UBsGAi – Google Business Review
https://rem.ax/2S2uVzz – Ewanchuk Real Estate Team Facebook Page

Also if you haven’t yet, please like and share our Facebook page with all your family and friends! Have a wonderful February, we are looking forward to hearing all your valuable comments ????